Leaping forward, keeping moving

I’m spending the month taking this course on educational gaming from the University of Wisconsin Stout. It’s a distance learning course deployed on the Badgestack platform.

I’m enjoying already the ways in which this Badgestack Dashboard is prompting me to reflect in ways I can share out with collaborators — blog entries and tweets and being more mindful in documenting the gaming work I’ve already done with an eye to sharing it with other developers. But one worry I’m having is what will happen after the course finishes.

Right now, this reflection process is being heavily motivated by the idea of earning badges, and heavily supported by the Badgestack platform. It’s really going to be a challenge for me to find a way to train myself to sustain this process in anticipation of not having the platform to motivate me.

It’s an interesting tension between “carrot and stick”: try to prompt self-change or look for a tool that supports that change.

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