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I love twitter, and check it basically every chance I get. I find great content and get exposed to dozens of new perspectives and ideas every day. It’s magic if you create and curate lists, so you can hop between themed conversations.

Here are some video game critics whose twitterstreams I enjoy:

Mattie Brice (
video game consultant and critic, gender/identity focus

Eve Walters (
associate editor at ArenaNet, a big MMORG publisher

Failbetter Games (
Publisher of web-based interactive fiction game “Echo Bazaar”, they just released an open-source IF platform called Story Bazaar, with complete instructions for building your own game. Their newest game is Machine Cares! “An interactive story about death, happiness, relationships and kittens, aimed at 14-16 year-olds”.

If anyone has any gaming-related twitter accounts they’d like to share, I’d love to add more to my lists!

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