DCF Book Run launch report, part 1.

IamaqrcodeWell so far we’ve only lost 1.5 QR codes and a table. One disappeared mysteriously from on top of a vending machine and had to be replaced on the fly, and the other I managed to talk the dining room staff out of believing was simply brightly colored garbage.

Folded into a free-standing table tent. Anchored by a rock, with a logo.

Note to self: next time label all the QR codes in big letters I AM A SCAVENGER HUNT PIECE. PLEASE LEAVE ME HERE.

Also our table? I set up our tri-fold display and how-to-play sheets on a lobby table, went to the restroom, and returned to find my table snaked and my display on the floor, replaced by someone else’s display. DIRTY POOL, LIBRARIANS.


Other than that it’s gone well.

As this is the third ARIS game we’ve launched at a statewide conference, and the second time we’ve encountered both low numbers of players and QR codes being removed by conference staff, I am going out on a limb here when I say we’re not going to be doing further game launches at conferences.

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