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I just did a G+ Hangout with some teachers who had never heard of ARIS before but are interested in learning more about it. They’re interested in deploying a unit involving history, ecology and first-person narratives. We didn’t have time to play an ARIS game as a group, but I remembered this amazing PBS SciGirls episode where a group of middle-schoolers build an ARIS game involving history, ecology and first-person narratives.

I’d forgotten how powerful of a tool this video is in introducing ARIS. Today was a good reminder.

Tomorrow, I’ll be in their school, where we’re going to play a game located in their school, then everyone will take a crack at replicating it. 🙂

I’d love for us to have a finish our simple, game-themed introduction to ARIS game, but for now I think this is the best piece I’ve come across for conveying the potential for students to build their own games in ARIS.

A video box with video controls is paused on a still image of a pair of hands holding an iPhone, showing on the screen a map and game controls.

It can be done! 5 days from concept to launch, step by step.

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